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PDF Safe in Your Head is an epic story about war and love, about the hopes and ambitions that haunt us through decades as the ghosts of our ancestors thrive in our dreams, in our memories, and in our most cherished hopes. Ever since he was a boy, Vittorio wanted to live in America. He remembers cases of food filled with chocolate and peanut butter dropping down in parachutes from the sky, the camps of Americans ringing with fast rock and roll. Then in 1978, as an adult and father of three, Vittorio moves his family to New York to escape the chaos that is Italy under the terrorism of the Red Brigades.But his mother in-law, Liliana, will have to wrestle with the most devastating loss since the death of her husband, Giorgio, who was a resistance father and died when she was still a young woman.Liliana must face again a wrenching loss so many decades after Giorgio's death when Babbo takes her daughter and her grand-children to America.They will all try to adapt to their new lives, honoring the past through their recipes, and their belief in magic and good luck. And still they are all haunted by the one decision that Giorgio took upon himself so long ago.. [Contains original cooking recipes and good luck charms from the old country.]Reviewers called Safe in Your Head "pure conjuration, a trick of light and magic, words woven and weaving, piercing the veil between."

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