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PDF This book is so cute! :)
If your looking for an actual book to read with a story line and plot than I wouldn't read this. A couple years ago I was OBSESSED with vampires and was overjoyed to find this book at my local library! It's the kind of thing to read if your bored or in a sour mood. This book is loads of fun and is over all really cheesy and goofy. Also to be honest I enjoyed looking at the pictures more than I did actually reading it. I know they say "never judge a book by it's cover" but after seeing the cover for this book I was already smitten. All the pink,flowers, and vampires was to much for the girl girl I am and before you could count to three I almost knocked over the girl in the same isle as me grasping for the book. I seem to be throwing around the word "book" alot, well I'm not being completely is technically a book but most of the book is a quiz to see what vampire boyfriend you'll get or if you'll even get one at all! On the fun-O-meter it is worth five stars.

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