Terry Moore - Strangers in Paradise, Volume 7. PDF

PDF Paste from my review of Volume 1. I've read most of the series and feel the same review overall applies to everything:

The series has beautiful black and white line art throughout. It's the main reason I ever started it. Terry Moore is a masterly graphic artist and a riveting storyteller. I suspect I'll read anything he puts out. That said, I prefer Rachel Rising (horror) and Echo (science fiction), personally. SiP (as fans tend to call it) is a work focused almost entirely on how people relate to each other.

What an odd duck. This thing is described in quite a wide variety of ways, and mostly accurately. It's resemblance to a soap opera, happily, is all in the title. For that, it's a bit too realistic, too low in character count, too well-written, too laden with mafia intrigue/action, and too often taught in college literature classes. I'm curious as to why though. I wouldn't teach it in mine. It's not *that* good. It might be particularly relevant to a fem lit class, however, which might elevate the collegiate value of the book because of what it says and how it says it from a sociocultural standpoint rather than from a literary one.

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