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From the famed American novelist Stuart Woods comes the new novel of Standup Guy.

The book was released in January of 2014 and it has already become fairly critically acclaimed. This is a crime drama about a lawyer, Stone Barrington, whose life is completely disrupted when his new client strolls into his office. John Fratelli seems like a calm, respectable gentleman and he only seeks a little legal advice from Stone. Stone does what he thinks is the right thing by advising Fratelli as best he can. Stone Berrington is still the suave gentlemen with friends in high places and a harem of beautiful women, but the advice he gave to Fratelli may make him the target of individuals even he can't deal with.

This latest addition to the Stone Barrington's adventures is a bit more challenging than the seemingly invincible protagonist is used to dealing with. This is an excellent story of corruption, back stabbing and greed.

The eBook is now available as a digital alternative to the paperback which is sure to please all Stone Barrington fans. Ordering the digital summary saves time and money because it can be obtained immediately as opposed to waiting for a paperback to be delivered. The summary is also a faster read than the full novel and it retails for a fraction of the price.

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