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PDF This book is a unique picture of one of the worst disasters in British Imperial history. In 1857, the East India Company (popularly called John Company) was the landlord of India and was a nest of mismanagement and corruption........their glory days had passed and unrest was stirring. On May 10, 1857 a group of troops were jailed for refusing to use the cartridges supplied for the new Enfield rifle, which they believed were greased with fat from animals that were forbidden to both Moslems and Hindus. This enraged the Sepoys who made up the majority of the Company's army and the great Indian mutiny began. The British were totally unprepared and when they started disarming their troops, those troops rushed to join the rebels.
The mutiny lasted a year and it was a slaughter of unbelievable proportions. When the British women and children of Cawnpore were butchered, dismembered, and piled in a well, the blood lustof the English for revenge knew no bounds.
This book reads more like fiction than fact and juxtapositions blood chilling horror with episodes of almost incredible heroism. It will hold your attention on every page and is highly recommended.

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