Danny Dorling - So You Think You Know about Britain?. PDF

PDF Sigh!Malcolm Gladwell, this guy is not.(That's meant to be a compliment)

I feel like the author is on the right team, that of actually caring about people and perhaps more importantly, that of using reason and knowledge rather than hysteria and making shit up.

That said...


I'm sorry, I feel terribly guilty for saying that, and I think I did learn a thing or two for what I managed to stay awake through.I dunno, the author does try to maintain a causal and informal tone but there's something a bit plodding and unengaging about the writing; you feel this impatience rising up, oh get to the point will you. I also sense a kind of naivety about the world a kind of professorial thinking, perhaps that you can actually combat myths with facts and figures.

I think this book depresses me because it what I can learn from it(s existence) is that the Truth is Boring which is why it is destined to lose.Your sober perspective-putting easily trumped by Malcolm's amusingly spun factoid, sorry.

Ah I don't know what I'm talking about.Danny Dorling seems to be a really smart guy and smarter than I portray him and most likely a great guest to have around at a dinner party.Maybe I'll just go back to watching more reality TV or something.

(Oh and reading this, I thinking I'm developing a sort of soft spot/affection for geographers)

[Oh and I found it very amusing/interesting how the US is used as a cautionary tale here, as in, if we're not careful we'll become more like America!]

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