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PDF I began writing as a career in 1979, although my interest dates back to childhood when I loved to read and write both in school and at home. In 1978, I moved to Los Angeles and was between jobs. I had read Lee Wyndham's book on writing for children with the thought of doing just that someday and this seemed like a good time, especially since I found out there was a conference on writing for children held in L.A. each year. I attended one, where I learned some basics of how to market and submit work. Then I just started writing.

My first stories were rejected, but I kept at it and sold a story to Highlights about a year after I began, and I kept practicing and working on it until I sold a few more stories, then a picture book in 1981, but there were lots of rejections along the way!

Since then, I have published over 60 titles and won several awards.

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