Elijah Foreman - Married To A Deadly Bitch (Married To A Bitch Part 3). PDF

PDF The action and drama filled Married To A Bitch series is still rolling. Married to a Deadly Bitch the non-stop ride in the world of The HeadBangaz. In this installment, we pick up where Married to a Vindictive Bitch left off. Andre has flown back to Atlanta to see his youngest daughter shot and laid up in a hospital bed in a coma. While his daughter Lynn sleeps the days away, the nights are filled with drama as Myia teams up with a new face and is determined to make Andre’s life hell. Along with that, Chris is at the end of his rope for being wrapped up in the drama of Andre and Symone and their failed marriage. Chris decides to fall back from Symone and try to regain his friendship with Andre. While these issues take place, Myia does whatever she can to make Symone’s life hell as well resulting in the return of the pit-bull in a skirt willing to do whatever possible to protect her and her family.

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