William R. Corson - Widows. PDF

PDF Acknowledgments
The 1st Death
Paisley: The Replacement?
Paisley: The Plumbers
Paisley: Mole
Paisley: The Jabbermole?
Paisley: The Investigator
Paisley: The Bay
Paisley: Death on the Bay?
Shadrin: The Escape
Shadrin: Westport
Shadrin: The Trusted Advisor
Shadrin: Kitty Hawk
Shadrin: Tightrope
Shadrin: Going Home
Shadrin Epilogue: The Theory of the Admirals' Plot
Sigler: The Search for Graphic Image
Sigler: The Operation
Sigler: Landward Ho
Sigler: The Last Assignment
Sigler: The Last Polygraph
Sigler: Ilse's Quest
Sigler Epilogue: The Illegal
Notes on Sources & Interviews

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