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PDF Kit Reed has been delighting and terrifying readers for over thirty years with her darkly comic speculative fiction. This collection of short stories, drawn from a lifetime's work, shows Reed at the top of her form. First published in venues ranging from The Missouri Review to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction and The Norton Anthology of Contemporary Fiction, these twenty stories deal with women's lives and feminist issues from the kitchen sink and pink dishmop era through the warlike years of the women's movement to the uneasy accommodation of the present.

The Wait (1958)
The New You (1962)
Cynosure (1964)
Winter (1969)
The Food Farm (1967)
In Behalf of the Product (1973)
Songs of War (1974)
The Weremother (1979)
Chicken Soup (1980)
Pilots of the Purple Twilight (1981)
Frontiers (1982)
The Bride of Bigfoot (1984)
The Hall of New Faces (1992)
Like My Dress (1993)
Last Fridays (1998)
Unlimited (1998)
The Mothers of Shark Island (1998)
Mommy Nearest (1998)
Whoever (1996)

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