J. Brice - NJ ASK Grade 4 Mathematics. PDF

PDF REA�s Ready, Set, Go! NJ ASK Grade 4 Mathematics Test Prep
Gets New Jersey Students Ready for the Math Exam!

REA�s NJ ASK 4 Mathematics test prep takes the confusion out of math and helps fourth graders succeed on the NJ ASK!

All fourth grade students in New Jersey are required to pass the NJ ASK (Assessment of Skills and Knowledge) Grade 4 Mathematics assessment test. This revised edition of our popular test prep is fully aligned with the core curriculum standards of the New Jersey Department of Education and gives fourth graders all the information they need to succeed on this important high-stakes exam.

What makes REA�s test preps different? For starters, students will actually like using them. Here�s why:
* Math is explained in simple language, in an easy-to-follow style
* The test prep allows students to learn at their own pace and master the subject
* Student-friendly lessons break down the material into the basics
* Each lesson is fully devoted to a key math concept and includes step-by-step examples
* Paced instruction with drills and quizzes reinforces learning
* Color icons highlight important questions and study tips
* Includes two full-length practice tests with detailed explanations of answers that allow students to test their knowledge and focus on areas in need of improvement
* Test-taking tips and strategies give students added confidence and ease anxiety before the exam

Math topics covered include: numerical operations, lines & shapes, estimation, measurement, understanding patterns, data analysis & probability.

When students apply the skills they�ve mastered in this test prep, they can do better in class, raise their grades, and score higher on the NJ ASK.

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