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PDF I suppose a novel called FALLING about a high-wire acrobat / artist is bound to include not only falling in love but falling from a high wire but, ridiculously, I didn't expect it would include the latter or, if it did, at least subliminally, it didn't occur to me that the damage would be permanent. Nor did I expect the story to become what it does become (I wonder if any of the euthanasia societies know about it?). It is told in alternating chapters between Mark's life with Clara - the high-wire artist - and his subsequent life in prison for what he helped her to do. It is a delicately-written novel about things that matter enormously to us human beings. And it is the delicate simplicity of the prose, as if someone was humming a simple melody into my ear to help me find the words to a song I'd forgotten, that gives Falling such power.

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