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PDF Aoi looks like a typical yakuza on the outside - rough, serious and mean - but he's actually a sweet guy who likes to take care of others and dislikes violence.Aoi is getting by in the yakuza by a great streak of pure luck and, when pressured, by doing things he hates and is terrified of.All those facets of his personality make him the weirdest mixture of a soft, weak character with a strong, hard inner core.When he meets Sakiya he sees the vision of the person he wants to be and slowly falls in love.

The subplot revolves around Junki which is another young member of the yakuza who is the opposite of Aoi; on the outside he looks weak and soft but on the inside he's hard and very jaded.The most interesting plot line in this series is between the side characters of Junki, Chihiro and Azuma in my opinion.

Though the artwork isn't what I would consider to be some of Kano-sensei's best, the story makes up for what the art lacks.Especially if you're a yakuza fan, you definitely want to read this series.

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