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PDF Recommendeded to: existentialists from the post-war period dabbling with marxism...

Well, if you don't fit the criterion, I'd recommend reading just the first part, Marxism and Existentialism, and the Conclusion. The middle is mostly about events during the 1789 Revolution, 1848 Revolution, conditions during certain times and how Marxists interpret some events, also Flaubert analyzed both existentially and in a Marxist way.

Basically, Marxism is good but Marxists are bad. They've lost their way in abstractions and lost sight of man, they just deal with abstract ideas and they have a priori solutions to everything. Marx split up with Hegel over the very thing - losing man in a world of Ideas. Existentialism focuses on single existences, just as the original Marx' Marxism does. It has to help Marxism find its way back to that, Sartre says: "Marxism will degenerate into an inhuman anthropology unless it once again includes in itself man as its foundation." (translated by self from non-English translation)
"And that day when Marxian exploration takes the human dimension(that is the existential project) for the foundation of anthropological Knowledge, existentialism will no longer have reason to exist: absorbed, surpassed and preserved in a totalising movement of philosophy, it will stop to be a separate research, to become the foundation to every research."

There you go. I do recommend the first and last bit, though.

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