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PDF I'm a big fan of Tinkerbell stories. I really liked the idea of this book. I came into it fairly excited to have been reading it. It seemed to kind of be slightly disjointed a tad. I guess, because it was such a low level reading book, the story progressed too quickly and kind of dryly. It just felt a bit rushed.

The story itself was good, although Tink seemed to get a bit jealous and irritated of her friend for kind of no reason. Or at least, no reason was specified. I feel like I was missing some details. I understand it was a low level book reader, but it kind of left out some important details that I feel could have been put in still without making the skill level higher, and which would have made the book flow better.

This story was about Tink who got to make a scepter that dealt with their Autumn revelries and making pixie dust for the Pixie Tree. In the process of making the scepter, Tink and her friend Terrence have a disagreement, and the scepter and moonstone break into pieces.

In order to fix everything, Tink goes out to find a mirror in an old lost shipwreck that can grant one wish to the user. She has a lot of trouble on the way, and ends up using the wish in a way she regrets. Then she wishes for her friend Terrence to be there, and low and behold, there he is!

He had come to find her, because he knew, even though they sometimes disagreed on things, Tink still needed him. By then, she had realized that too. They go back and fix the scepter, and all is better than ever before! I think this is a good story that shows the deep level of friendship and loyalty, as many Tinkerbell stories do. I find it great, because even though most Tinkerbell stories tell the same type of friendship stories, all of them are different and unique in their own ways, and thus they still remain having the potential to each become classics in their own right.

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