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At Fort Abraham Lincoln in the Dakota Territory, as General Custer gets ready to make his Last Stand, Nona Willard struggles with her own problems. Once she believed love was a pure emotion, not involving erotic feelings, the kind of love she feels for her sister's army officer husband. Devil-may-care journalist Spencer Quinlan, however, waits at the fort with another journalist to accompany Custer, and Spencer's attentions soon threaten Nona's belief.

In his own way, Spencer is as dangerous to Nona as the Sioux warriors who take her and her pregnant sister captive.Though her sister doesn't survive, Nona is rescued by Spencer, yet they're forced to leave her newborn niece with the Sioux.Nona's emotions are in a turmoil as the troops leave the fort to search for Sitting Bull and his following, her sister's widowed husband and Spencer with them.

Will either man survive?And which one does Nona really love?

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