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PDF so I've had two important revelations today:

1. I gave a book 4 stars that I should have given five stars which is now skewing all my other reviews down a star. (this books star rating has been corrected for this issue thereby giving it an additional star at least for the time being.

2. my current book goal is very stressful and gave me kind of a heart attack when it told me I was a book behind earlier today.

I have no idea where I bought this book or how I came upon it to be completely honest, but it's little and it's cute. I've been meaning to fit it in for a while and a freak out like this is the perfect time for a hundred page book. I was going to go to bed at 11 tonight, but I was like 15 pages from the end of this so that went out the window.

this reminds me of anthropology by dan rhodes it's a sad book it's about losing something, it's about relationships. It is about how flying is just falling and missing the ground. yeah I went there, and in my head it makes sense, deal.

this is an amazing use of the short form. go read it now.

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