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PDF "There is only one serious candidate for being God incarnate about whom there is historical evidence if he did these things and not in the least expected if he did not. So [...] it is very probable that God became incarnate in Jesus, who led a perfect life, suffered, was crucified, and buried; and that he rose from the dead, made atonement for our sins, and founded a Church." Page 166. Those sentences sum up most of the arguments covered in this book. I think I took too long reading it. Some of his arguments are labored and perhaps a bit of a stretch for the skeptic, but nonetheless intriguing. I enjoyed his logical defense of the Trinity (chapter 2), an argument made without scriptural appeal (as is most of the book). Pages 131-132 showed how Jesus is the only probable messianic-figure candidate of all the religions in history. Protestant readers might find a few of Swinburne's doctrinal assertions a little goofy (Swinburne is Eastern Orthodox if I remember correctly), but he doesn't rely on them too much so this isn't an issue.

Read it if you want, you might enjoy it more than I did. But it isn't a bad book.

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