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PDF I read a lot of Archies growing up.Recently, Archie Comics has started putting them out in a new format which conforms to the taller, skinnier size of graphic novel that's the norm for superhero comic books.The characters more or less look the same, and the comics are nicely colored.Character dynamics are still wooden and stereotyped.

In this, a whole bunch of new kids come in and generally beat each Riverdale student at their own archetypical behavior.There's a reporter who out-reports Betty, there's a flashier dresser than Veronica, there's a tougher football player than Moose...Meh.I actually don't remember Reggie being a prankster - I remember him as more of an arrogant a-hole who couldn't seem to beat Archie for the affections of Betty and Veronica.Most of the new kids are "diverse" in some way - there's a kid of Asian-descent, a blind girl, a guy named Sayid...

Whatever.I'm curious if the "Married Life" series is more thought-provoking.But I suspect I've just outgrown this type of storytelling.

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