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PDF How do you make sure that you have a healthy weight for the rest of your life?

Many people want to attain a healthy weight, but few are successful in achieving this goal. What do they do? Their weight problem is approached in a psychological manner. Mindfulness is becoming an integral part of this approach, and with excellent results.

Mindful weight loss is an easy to use 8-week program based on “Breaking the spell of emotional eating”. It contains several real-life examples and offers clear, step-by-step guidelines.A powerful solution to breaking out of your love-hate relationship with food forever!

The target group on Joanna’s work:
"After many years, I have finally managed to develop a healthy relationship with food, without willpower."(John)
"I lost over 20 pounds and my weight has been stable for years." (Margret)

The press on Joanna’s work:
"Mindful eating is the new diet" (Faithful)
"Inspiring!" (Health)
"Break out of the vicious circle" (Psychology Magazine)

Scientific researchers on ‘Mindful weight loss’:
"It doesn’t promote a diet, but offers an approach to achieving permanent lifestyle changes, based on Mindfulness!" (Dr. G. Noordenbos, eating and weight management expert (University of Leiden, The Netherlands)
"An extremely valuable resource!" Professor I. Wolffers (health care)

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