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PDF Follow David Cohen into the Spiral Vortex and discover the keys to immortality and other secrets of the universe hidden within us all.


"At first David could barely hear the ringing in his ears. The sound was pleasant and reminded him of a meditation bell he had once heard in a “New-Age” song. Then the ringing turned into a loud crackling sound that drowned out all other sounds. The noise reminded David of electricity flowing through a high voltage line.

"Then David sensed a change in his body temperature. It felt like he was on fire. His hands and arms turned bright red. Sweat poured profusely from every poor of his body. His shirt and pants were soaked. He was frightened and tried to stand up but was frozen in place and couldn’t move.

"Then he felt a tingling sensation in his back as though a spring of energy at the base of his spine had uncoiled. The energy flashed up his spinal cord and hit his brain like a bolt of lightning and it sounded like a clap of thunder went off inside his head. Then he felt as though his body had disintegrated and its atoms had been spread throughout the cosmos. He felt so vast, so large, that it was like his energy had filled the entire universe.

"David could no longer differentiate between himself and all that is, was, and would be. He seemed to be in all places in time and space with all opposing forces reconciled. He felt he had become one with something far greater than he could possibly comprehend. The experience was both frightening and exhilarating. His lips quivered uncontrollably as tears of joy streamed down his cheeks.

"Then he sank into a spiral vortex like a double helix, and as he spun deeper into the vortex he was flooded with knowledge. Not the knowledge that comes from books. He had tapped into a universal knowing that spanned all time and space.

"David felt like the trillions of cells that made up his physical body had become receptacles for all the knowledge that was, is, and ever would be. He was filled beyond his capacity, and it felt like every circuit in his brain had been shorted out from overload.

"As quickly as he had been jolted beyond the veil he was brought back. Now he saw things differently. He gazed at a flower and saw the life fluids running through its veins. He could see the cellular structure of every petal and leaf. He looked at the rock he was sitting on and could see all the way to the core of its crystalline structure.

"The paralysis was gone so David stood up and walked on the pathway that led to the meadow. When he looked at the meadow it appeared to be a three-dimensional matrix of interlinking hexagons, their pulsating perimeters glowing with the intensity of a ruby laser. Material objects no longer appeared solid; instead, they revealed themselves as multi-dimensional energy matrixes.

"Suddenly, something in the oak grove caught his eye. It scared him to the core. At first glance it looked like a tall, thin, light skinned man, but in the next moment it was transformed into a bi-pedal reptile with large, dark, almond shaped eyes. David was reminded of the serpent in the Garden of Eden. He closed his eyes in disbelief and when he opened them the man or reptile or whatever it was had disappeared. Perhaps it had never been there at all.

"The whole experience was like a rebirth. He had been torn asunder from the safe haven of his normal life. The reality filters acquired over 30 years had been ripped away to reveal things in a completely different way. He had been re-born into a new understanding of reality.

"David had gained consciousness, and for the first time in his life he was aware he was on a life path.

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