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PDF Few things in this world turn my stomach the way a large city does. The undertones of fried food and urine are the perfect pairing to the overwhelming scent of garbage and body odor.

I’m what you call a scent hound. My ability makes it possible for me to smell not only the garbage in the dumpsters, but the place that serves fried chicken a mile away. My biggest advantage in this business is that I can actually smell your secrets.

Every emotion gives off a certain smell. Only gifted people, or creatures I should say, are capable of distinguishing the subtle differences. Just like perfume can smell differently on two people so too can a particular feeling.

When a lone bite is found dead and every smell around him is gone, I'm left with no way of figuring out who killed him. The scent trail can't help me when it doesn't exist.

As the body count rises and a Special Agent shows up to investigate, we realize the motive behind the deaths is so much larger than we could have ever imagined. Someone is killing bites for a reason. Someone I just might be related to.

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