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PDF Nora is a spoiled, snob superficial aristocrat heiress. Her family is rich and she is arrogant and thinks she is better than people from a lower social class. She meets Cal a dirty, working man, a cowboy who works at her aunt's ranch. They are attracted to each other, they have sex, she gets pregnant and they decide to marry.

But what Nora doesn't know is that Cal is not what he pretends to be. In reality he is a very rich man but he won't let Nora know. He wants her to love him who he is plus he wants to give her a lesson for being such a snob. He takes her to live with him in a small cabin where she scrubs floors, learns how to cook and how to live life without servants or privileges.

Loved the drama, themisunderstandings and the delicious angst! I even loved the obnoxious immature heroine! Another incredibly moving love story by my favorite author! Well, it's safe to say that I devoured this book!

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