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PDF The expert dreamers have forseen:
A world threatened with extinction.
A vast face appearing in the center of the Andromeda Nebula.
A wicked twist in the dream of growing younger.
The obsolescence of humanity.
...and many other strange things. This is science fiction with an extra dimension - fiction written by men who are themselves practicing scientists.
Take one step beyond with the men who live there!


Introduction (The Expert Dreamers) • (1962) • essay by Frederik Pohl
At the End of the Orbit • (1961) • shortstory by Arthur C. Clarke (aka Hate)
On the Feasibility of Coal-Driven Power Stations • (1956) • shortstory by O. R. Frisch
A Feast of Demons • (1958) • novelette by William Morrison
The Heart on the Other Side • (1962) • shortstory by George Gamow
Lenny • [Susan Calvin (Robot)] • (1958) • shortstory by Isaac Asimov
The Singers • (1956) • shortstory by W. Grey Walter
The Invasion • (1940) • novelette by Willy Ley [as by Robert Willey ]
To Explain Mrs. Thompson • (1951) • shortstory by R. S. Richardson [as by Philip Latham ]
Adrift on the Policy Level • (1959) • shortstory by Chan Davis [as by Chandler Davis ]
The Black Cloud (Excerpt) • (1957) • shortfiction by Fred Hoyle
Chain Reaction • (1956) • shortstory by Lyle G. Boyd and William C. Boyd [as by Boyd Ellanby ]
The Miracle of the Broom Closet • (1952) • shortstory by Norbert Wiener [as by W. Norbert ]
Heavyplanet • (1939) • shortstory by Milton A. Rothman (aka Heavy Planet)
The Test Stand • (1955) • shortstory by G. Harry Stine [as by Lee Correy ]
Amateur in Chancery • (1961) • shortstory by George O. Smith
The Mark Gable Foundation • (1961) • novelette by Leo Szilard

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