Rachel Singer Gordon - The Complete Idiot's Guide to Couponing. PDF

PDF I am an author and post freebies and coupons on a website called FreedomToSave.com and I have to say this is a great read for everyone. I am experienced at finding coupons and then taking advantage of those coupons, but this really provided more insight about couponing for me. As an author for FreedomToSave.com my job is to make sure I clearly provide the coupon and explain how to use it. Now, that I have read this book, I figured out that I have not done the second part of my job well - explain how to use the coupon. This book was very thorough and in the process of me reading it, made me become more thorough and more clear about the stuff I write about.
I would recommend this book to anyone, experienced and non experienced people who are looking to save money through use of coupons. I even recommended this book to all of the staff who works for the freebie website I mentioned above. This book is great!

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