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PDF "Backwoods Cannibalism 101" by Stephanie Rabig is not as gruesome as it may sound, although it certainly is based on a pretty gruesome premise. A teenaged girl hides in the bushes, watching a lady take photographs, while covering herself with blood from cutting her arm.

As the photographer starts her car and begins to drive away, the girl runs out in front of her, screaming, and lets the lady hit her, albeit at a very low speed. The woman jumps out to aid the poor girl, who is sobbing and tells a tragic story of "some men" who snuck up on her and her friend, taking them back to their cabin, and.... Here she implies they did bad things to the girls, but doesn't really say so.

She says she got away, and thought her friend had, too, but found out her friend was still in the cabin. She urges the lady to take her away to get the police, but the lady decides to rescue the other girl by herself. Armed with the tire iron from the trunk, she marches to the porch, ready to confront the two men inside.

As she enters the cabin, the "injured" girl gets out of the car, smiling, and saunters up to the cabin, laughing as she hears a scream from within. Inside are actually 4 people, not just the 2 she reported. She herself is, obviously, in on the ruse, but all is not as it seems in the cabin.

This story's twisted ending will give you a measure of satisfaction. I won't spoil it for you, but the title of the book pretty plainly indicates what these backwoods hillbillies had in store for the lady photographer. If you enjoy gory, gruesome horror in small bites (no pun intended), you will enjoy this story. I recommend you get it, and when you have a few moments of free time, read it. You won't be disappointed.

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