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PDF "We kalb guard the Great Ones, our human masters. 'Kalb' means -dog- in their tongue. We guard them: this is why we are in the world. I am Kal, fisher-dog. This is my story."

When Peter the Fisherman takes pity on a defenceless, abandoned puppy saving him from being beaten and drowned, little does he know that the dog will grow up to be his most loyal friend prepared to follow him to the ends of the Earth.

Meet Kal, the fisher-dog. Follow him on his adventures from the shores of Lake Galilee where he happily helps Peter in his fishing boat, all the way to Jerusalem – where something so terrible happens, Kal thinks the world will never smell right again. Storms being calmed, delicious-smelling (to a dog!) lepers being cured and other familiar Gospel stories are all told afresh through Kal’s wise, humorous, and very different canine perspective.

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