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PDF Hitler remains one of the most fascinating figures in history - and one of the most evil. But what created and shaped this monstrous man, and his extremist views?

Paul Ham’s concise biography looks into Hitler’s childhood and the years leading up to his move into politics to see what key events turned one young boy into an infamous dictator.

Desperate to prove himself as an artist, and after the death of his beloved mother, Hitler spent many of his early years living hand-to-mouth on the streets of Vienna, and feverishly consuming the daily newspapers.

That is, until the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 when Hitler quickly volunteered to fight.

Hitler saw the war, and human sacrifice, as the last act of ‘the fittest’ in the great drama of the human race. War would determine the inheritors of the earth.

This short biography of young Hitler seeks to answer, and to offer a fresh perspective on, a few often-asked questions: To what extent did the First World War ‘make’ Hitler? How would Hitler use his war record to further his political career? How far did Hitler’s experience as a dispatch runner wrench an already disturbed mind in the direction of a violent programme of revenge, culminating in mass murder?

'Young Hitler' is a fascinating insight into the man who came to personify evil.

Paul Ham’s military histories have been widely praised.

"[A] vivid, comprehensive and quietly furious account...Paul Ham brings new tools to the job, unearthing fresh evidence of a deeply disturbing sort. He has a magpie eye for the telling detail" - Ben Macintyre The Times.

"Provocative and challenging...A voice that is both vigorous and passionate" - Christopher Sylvester, Daily Express.

"Controversial...Well documented and stringently argued" - Peter Lewis, Daily Mail.

Paul Ham is the author of ‘1914: The Year the World Ended’ and the acclaimed ‘Sandakan, Kokoda, Vietnam: The Australian War and Hiroshima Nagasaki’, as well as ‘1913: The Eve of War’. A former Australia Correspondent of the Sunday Times, he was born in Sydney and educated in Australia and Britain. He now lives in Sydney and Paris.

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