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PDF Spike Milligan was a British institution - now I will admit that I am not sure how well he is know outside the UK but here his life and career has had a huge impact on comedy. You speak to anyone of a certain generation and the his name will be connected from books to radio to TV and cinema. The man was a creative powerhouse never stopping never failing to create something new. There were many reasons for this from his own personal experiences and adventures (not to mention his own demons) but also the sheer fire in his life. This book (and the compulsive Spike Milligan) are random dives in to the world of Spikes creations, from cartoons to scripts and more.
I will admit that his sense of humour is not for everyones taste but in a world when at times it seems that comedy and humour either follows its own trends or tries to shock as much as make us laugh - Spikes works remind me at least that nothing more than a slightly skewed view of the world has enough material to keep us laughing indefinitely. Though he died in 2002 I think his legacy will live on a very very long time to come.

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