Amy Sparling - Summer Together (The Summer Series Book 2). PDF

PDF Want more of Jace and Bayleigh from Summer Unplugged? Don't miss part 2 of Amy Sparling's new series, Summer Together. This is a novella at approx. 21,000 words.

It's the summer after graduation and Bayleigh just asked Becca to be her maid of honor. Determined to give her best friend the greatest wedding ever, Becca has a lot on her plate. When she thinks she's finally got everything under control, a certain member of the groom's bridal party can't keep his eyes off her. Becca's not sure how to handle all the attention but she is sure of one thing: This will be a summer to remember.

Also available:

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Part 2 - Summer Together
Part 3 - Summer Apart (Coming March 2015)
Part 4 - Summer Forever (Coming April 2015)

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