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PDF For 25 years, "Entrepreneur" magazine has been advising people on how to start their own businesses. Now, "Entrepreneur" focuses that expertise on the hottest new way to start a business: on eBay

"Make Big Profits on eBay" combines "Entrepreneur"'s expertise in all things business with new strategies for the eBay world. This book isn't for people who want to make a little extra cash selling old knickknacks. It's for people like you who are serious about starting their own ultra-successful businesses on eBay.

Make Big Profits on eBay: Teaches you how to best take advantage of eBay features like paid listings, keywords, photos, the "About Me" page and more Applies cutting-edge, proven strategies for marketing, customer service, money management and business operation specifically for use on eBay Lets you in no how PowerSellers got to the top—not just their success stories, but also their secret tips, techniques and mistakes to avoid Shows you hidden ways of making money on eBay without selling a thing

The expert advice will guide you from eBay novice to PowerSeller quickly and easily so you can start your own million-dollar business.

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