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PDF Kierkegaard and Philosophy makes many of the most important papers on Kierkegaard available in one place for the first time. These 17 essays, written over a period of over 20 years, have all been substantially revised or specially prepared for this collection, with a new introduction by the author. In the first part, Alastair Hannay concentrates on Kierkegaard's central philosophical writings, offering closely text-based accounts of the salient concepts Kierkegaard uses. The second part shows the relevance of other thinkers' treatments of shared themes, pointing out where they differ from Kierkegaard. The concluding chapter provides a reason Kierkegaard himself would give for disagreeing with those who claim his texts are infinitely interpretable. Written by Kierkegaard scholar and translator Alastair Hannay, Kierkegaard and Philosophy is a useful resource for all students of Kierkegaard's work.

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