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PDF Money. Greenbacks vs. gold. The Lincoln administration prints greenbacks to pay for its war with the Confederacy, and on Wall Street a renegade money market known as the Gold Room pits the greenback against gold. By January 1864, the greenback loses nearly half its value. While far to the west, in Alder Gulch, Montana Territory, millions in gold lie under the ice of Alder Creek. Gold-seekers pray for spring. A lawyer from New York, Daniel Stark came West to get enough gold to rescue his family from the debt left by his father's embezzlement and suicide. As he watches, the ice breaks, hurling a man into the frigid water. Dan rescues him, only to learn that he was sent by the Bank of New York to bring back Dan and the gold. But Dan is far short of the amount he needs. A financial report in an old New York Times gives him the idea of repaying the bank in greenbacks. Speculating in the Gold Room could earn a fortune large enough to repay the bank and secure his family's future. Or he could lose everything, as his father did. Though he must return, Dan hates the thought of leaving his common law wife, Martha, and facing his autocratic grandfather. Although he promises to come back before ice covers Alder Creek, the pregnant Martha fears she will never see him again. Gold Under Ice is historical fiction set in Montana Territory and New York City. Carol Buchanan is the author of God's Thunderbolt: The Vigilantes of Montana, which won the 2009 Spur for Best First Novel from the Western Writers of America.

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