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PDF Other Voices, Other Doors collects the best stories, poems and non-fiction of the last twenty years by Patrick O'Leary, acclaimed author of Door Number Three and The Gift.

Other Voices, Other Doors is an unabashedly different book. It is a celebration of the inexhaustible shape-shifting power of stories. It is fantastic. It is mundane. And we are not in Kansas anymore.

Other Voices, Other Doors includes:

Alternate John Lennons
An amateur alien novelist who can't sell
his autobiography even when it is disguised as SF
The strangest nudie bar on the planet
A hit man who specializes in retribution
for bad book reviews
The Story of Job, starring Randy Newman.
The mystery of the greatest living writer
A tennis match between Freud and Jung
A graphic depiction of a promising author's vasectomy
A Cowboy Hospital Romance
And Much, Much More!

Disturbing, amusing, frank and original,
Other Voices, Other Doors is Patrick O'Leary's first collection of writing.

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