Selina Rosen - The Four Bubbas of the Apocalypse (Bubbas, Book 2). PDF

PDF It's the End of the World… Again

That's right, grab yer BBQ sauce, hunker down, and enjoy the latest in the Bubbas of the Apocalypse universe. Let's face it, when good ole boys and gals are left to their own vices… er I mean devices to fight the Yumbie horde in the time after the great Yuppie 25 Plague, certain niceties, rules of conduct, and laws are going to be tossed aside. Folks will bathe and brush their teeth when and if they feel like it. No one's going to care if someone's sleeping with their cousin, and your stupid friend Ned is going to own the keys to the world.

Cover: Keith Berdak

Foreword (The Four Bubbas of the Apocalypse: Flatulence, Halitosis, Incest, and…Ned)by Selina Rosen
Flatulence, Halitosis, Incest, and…Ned by Selina Rosen
Flatulence by Ajax
Bubba and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Fart by James S. Dorr
Savin' Ned by Robert D. Brown
83 Best Monkeys by Lee W. Lindsay Jr.
Bringing Home the Sauce by Linda J. Dunn
Widder Liggett and the Breath O' God by Lee Martindale
Yuppie Zombie Baby Farts by Matt Howl
Hal's Crossroads by Robert Pickering
Halitosis by Ajax
A Rose by Any Other Name by Melanie Fletcher
Lefric Lights a Fart by James K. Burk
The Bubbas of Troy County by Gloria Oliver
Home Baked Air Biscuits by Garrett Peck
Raven's Back in Town by Bradley H. Sinor
Sweet Meat by Glenn R. Sixbury
Incest by Ajax
A Crazy Tasty Love Story by Mark Shepherd
Gas by John M. Lance
Mr. Ned and Dr. Ted by Andrew Zimmerman Jones
Bubba in a Blue Dress by Gary Jonas
Bubba-Rap by Bennie Grezlik
The Ultimate Weapon by M.H. Bonham
Ned by Ajax
Attack of the Godless Undead Zombies by Tracy S. Morris
The Siege and Investiture of the Athens BilMart • novelette by Mark W. Tiedemann
The Boys from Brownsville by Jeff Turner
Why a Good Man Nowadays Is Hard to Find by Laura J. Underwood
1001 Alabama Nights by Billy Vincent
Ned and the Cookie Girls by Julia Blackshear Kosatka
The Psycho Pigs Meet the Yumbie Bitch from Hell by Bill D. Allen

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