Llewellyn Publications - Llewellyn's 1999 Witches' Datebook. PDF

PDF Keep track of your coven meetings, festivals, even your dentist appointments with this all-new datebook for Witches and Pagans. A portable companion to the Llewellyn Witches' Calendar, this enchanting datebook presents each week on a two-page spread. Each month you can enjoy a seasonal recipe, a full-moon ritual by D.J. Conway, and an article on Pagan traditions by Edain McCoy. Plus, there are pages devoted to the sabbats, the four elements, the eight lunar phases and how they work, and the Moon in the signs. Also included are mini-calendars, a time zones map, and a telephone/address log. Articles by Silver RavenWolf, Estelle Daniels and Gerina Dunwich round out this datebook with tips on magical timing, magical correspondences, the future of Witch-craft and the origins of Halloween.
— A portable companion to the Witches' Calendar
— Full moon rituals by D. J. Conway
— Monthly Pagan traditions by Edain McCoy
— Plenty of room for notes & appointments

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