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PDF This is a brief, illustrated, biography of the Baptist minister and Civil Rights leader by David Adler. This is one of many in Adler's series to inform and enlighten young readers in a direct and easy-to-read manner. I have this book on cd and multiple copies, as to support a reading group or supplement content learning. MLK Jr's philosophy and practice of nonviolence and civil obedience helped American black win the struggle for equality during the mid 1900’s. This biography and story of a notebale man's life will interest and intrigue early readers, with the assistance of well illustrated pictures. Connections can be made from many students with MLK Jr. and his inspiring words. Many young readers will identify with the themes in these books and enjoys the powerful messages. This book supplements the social studies curriculum, or when studying people who made a difference in the United States and the world.The vocabulary might offer a challenge, but it's a great informative text to teach raw facts, new concepts, and have rich discussions about a very influential man.

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