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One literally event sequel of “A Time to Kill,” is “Sycamore Row”, by John Grisham who is one of the best story writers in this time.
This story is about an old man, who would die because of lung cancer. The dying man did commit suicide, and that is the main strategy of this story. One of the important characters is Jake, who had faced a tragic attack, life threatening, previously. Sherriff Clanton took extra care of him and his family, wife and daughter. This struggling attorney was thinking to move from this place to where he doesn’t have to carry any gun for safety and can live in peace. That’s why he needed one special case where he could show his talent and earn more.
The climax started when one hand written Will came to Jake, written by Seth Hubbard, an old man, where he wrote to give everything to his black maid. He trusted nobody, including his son and daughter. They did not care about their father while he was alive so there was no love between them.
The name of this story is named like this as Seth hanged himself with a tree on his property that is Sycamore Row. The handwritten Will was a very conflicted one and changed the life of Jake. Black maid Lettie was not entirely sure why her Master did that.
Not only Lettie, it was the question of everyone in Clanton. The Will created numerous questions, why Lettie? What was their relationship? What was his problem with his kids?
When Jake was starting to investigate the case, the amount of property surprised him. It was unknown by everyone except some of his employees. It was 20 million.
His kids who were never attached with him came in the story then and they wanted their share. So, they hired their own lawyers.
When the lawyers, many lawyers, gather to feed, Jake had the honor of presenting the new Will. Seth chose him because he respected the Hailey defense. Another reason is that he was honest and very much reliable.
When the other side offered to talk settlement, integrity-first Jake wasn’t in such a rush because he wanted to stretch his payday. Judge Atlee was honest too, and powerful. He gave his support to the honesty and gave no chance to the evils in his court.
The part is very interesting when Atlee clearly bowled the lawyers when they came with illegal requests in his court.
Letties daughter helped Jake find the answers of the relationship between Seth and Lettie. That was an astonishing part when the answer came. It proved that the Will was written by Seth in a very clear mind and without any influence.
The story has described the critical parts of the case and the war of the money between the kids who are inheritors of the property. The fact how money changes everyone was one point to be noticed.
In this story, John Grisham again informed the world that he is one of the best story tellers of this time, who can offer the best crime story in this modern era.
He follows the rules and applied his personal experience and knowledge in this story that directly touches people.

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