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PDF Always feeling distant from his family, Andrew Cooper faces the shock of his life when his better-liked older brother suddenly dies. Losing the chance to reconcile with his brother, the stresses of normal teen life are compounded by the demands of his family, and the ghost of a brother who was one person to him and someone vastly different to everyone else. The Only Brother tells of Andrew's battle with his parents, his friends and the memory of his brother to make his own place in the world.Cutting Edge is a gritty quick read series for teens and young adults who find conventional fiction irrelevant to them or too hard to read. The new titles in the series tackle contemporary issues such as gun crime, incest, domestic violence, alcohol abuse and mental illness. Packed with drama and emotion from one page to the next, readers will be truly compelled by these gripping and satisfying stories. Carefully chosen fonts, simple layout and controlled vocabulary help carry readers from beginning to end without any hint of chore-factor creeping in.

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