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PDF AJ pushed me towards the back of the arch. Nobody could see us unless they came directly past the opening, but we were still in the street, and I was shaking as I levered my knickers down underneath my skirt. They immediately fell down to my ankles, increasing my resentment and feelings of exposure as I tugged up my skirt to show her my bare bum. She bent close, examining me. ‘Have you been behaving yourself?’ she asked.
When Pippa is accepted as a trainee to a city law firm, she fondly imagines a life both cultivated and intellectual, rather than the crew of sleazy ambulance chasers she ends up with. Worse still, they know more about her private life that she would have liked, leaving her little choice but to accept some highly humiliating duties and help them out in areas that involve very little legal know-how. Then there's AJ, notorious diesel dyke and boss of a motorbike courier firm, who regards Pippa as her private property, and American businessman Hudson Staebler, who has his eye on Pippa's little sister.

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