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PDF Reed Nevil is stuck between two men—Ash his long time lover who rescued him from the streets and supported him through college with the promise of a bright future, and Gage, the man who gets his blood boiling and his heart pounding.

Ash has money and security, two things Reed doesn’t think he can live without, especially since without him he’d have nothing. Ash will teach Reed all he needs to know about the antiquities business and help him to make connections that allow him never to have to wonder where his next meal is coming from or where he’ll sleep.

But where Ash is rough and cruel, only wanting Reed for his handsome face and body, Gage is gentle and kind. He does seduce Reed, but his words, his touch, everything about him draws Reed into his arms. Gage isn’t offering a future. How can Reed let go of his plans for his life to follow a man who might not be there tomorrow? When the situation turns for the worse, Reed must make a decision that will affect the rest of his life.

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