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PDF A battle is raging for the soul of America, and it is of critical interest to the survival of freedom worldwide. Our nation is surrendering its fundamental values of individual responsibility and self determination.Domestically we exchange our privacy and autonomy for the chimera of security; internationally we abdicate our ability to act in our national interest.Why are we squandering the precious jewels of the greatest political experiment in human history? What actions can thoughtful citizens take to protect and regain their personal freedoms?This important collection of essays is supplemented by lengthy appendices containing the primary reference materials that underlie the author's bold assertions.Readers will fearlessly explore the modern plague of collectivism, especially as embodied by the United Nations; learn the true political, historical, and spiritual roots of the September 11th attacks; revisit the Waco massacre without averting their glance; witness the cynical manipulations of the civilian disarmament movement; and be invited to contemplate the role of transcendent values in the battle to preserve and maintain freedom.

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