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PDF Mr. Owl - wise and the overseer to all the creatures of the forest, finds himself in a struggle to save a little bear cub and a mouse, about to be eaten up by old Rasputin, the wolf.
Heathcliff - happy to be alive and a playful hare, always out in the night, chasing his friends in many hours of fun and games.
Mr. Mouse - the spunky mouse, who seems to always end up in some sort of danger. Can he be rescued this time? Or has his luck run out?
Daisy - Mr. Owl's mate - Comes upon a very strange sight one night involving Mr. Owl and little Heathcliff. Is there any way she can help save them and try to keep Mr. Mouse and the little cub, Sasha, from being eaten up by mean, old Rasputin?
Mr. Possum - Short-legged and not very brave, he befriends the little cub. Will he find the courage to stay and help the mouse and cub escape or, will he turn his back in fear and run to safety?
Sasha - the little cub left to wander the night alone, after his mother and father are shot by poachers. Can he survive, alone and lost, or will old Rasputin have his way and eat him up?
Rasputin - the mean old wolf, who is feared by every living creature in the forest. Cocky and arrogant, he torments them all with his piercing howls, chuckling at the fear he spreads throughout the land. He is the king of the forest! Yes, siree! This night, he will not be out-smartened! He'll have the cub and the mouse! He is hungry and will have his dinner!
This story takes place in the forests of the Netherlands.
Run, Rasputin Run! is a touching story, with many lessons woven between the lines for young and old alike. It is heartwarming and full of adventure and humor, danger and courage.

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