Ada Leverson - Love's Shadow (Annotated by Lycium Classics) (Annotated by Lycium Classics) (The Little Ottleys). PDF

PDF Edith and Bruce Ottley live in a very new, very small, very white flat in Knightsbridge. On the surface they are like every other respectable couple in Edwardian London and that is precisely why Edith is beginning to feel a little bored. Excitement comes in the form of the dazzling and glamorous Hyacinth Verney, who doesn't understand why Edith is married to one of the greatest bores in society. But then, Hyacinth doesn't really understand any of the courtships, jealousies and love affairs of their coterie: why the dashing Cecil Reeve insists on being so elusive, why her loyal friend Anne is so stubbornly content with being a spinster, and why she just can't seem to take her mind off love A wry, sparklingly observed comedy of manners, Love's Shadow brims with the sharp humour that so endeared Ada Leverson to Oscar Wilde, who called her the wittiest woman in the world. Love's Shadow is part of The Bloomsbury Group, a new library of books from the early twentieth-century chosen by readers for readers.

- Love's Shadow is the book one of "The Little Ottleys"
- Beautiful Cover (Rose Collection)
- Active Contents(TOC) (can jump to any chapter)
- A little biography of the author (Ada Leverson)
- Good Font (easy to read)

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