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PDF Retrospect is a story of three men, three friends as they march through time. Rewind is Shelby's story, his infatuation with Micah, his friendship with Tim, and his irrepressible gay lifestyle. He is incredibly smitten with Micah, but when Micah takes him out on his boat for their first love tryst, disaster strikes! Odd Man Out is Tim's account. Tim finds himself very attracted to Shelby and Micah, but when a bullet misses him, he has to find a safe place, which just happens to be with Micah and Shelby. He can't help feeling like a third wheel, which makes Tim feel even more excluded. 1969 is Micah's story, all about his retro apartment, his love for Shelby, and their need to care for their friend Tim. Even as the three friends learn to live, and love together, even more people are brought into their life by a chance accident. Can they find a way to make all of the pieces of their puzzle fit together?

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