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PDF Seventeen-year-old best friends, April and Kyle, are thrown into the final battle of the Titan and Olympian war. The immortal Titans and Olympians have been at war for millennia, locked into a struggle for which no end can be seen on the horizon. Unable to overcome their immortality, the Olympians and Titans form an uneasy truce that sees all immortals withdraw from the battlefield. The battlefield being earth, and the homes and lands of everyday humans whose lives the immortals' battle has wreaked havoc on.

Their solution is to send forth pairs of mortal champions to wage their final battle. Without being bound by immortality, the mortal champions are in a position that the immortals have never known - the ability to defeat each other once and for all.

To aid their champions, the Titans and Olympians gifted each with magic that lets them control the elements. April and Kyle were bestowed with control over fire and water, and were raised by immortals with a single purpose - win the war. But, when Kyle and April finally uncover the remaining two champions' identities, they must launch themselves headfirst into their final battle for survival. Winner takes all. But the immortals are growing restless, and time is running out.

Champions: at fire's end is a fresh, original take on Greek and Roman mythology that brings the incredible tales of Greek gods and heroes into the present with a modern spin.

Four mortal champions. Two immortal factions. One eternal victor.

Episode 5 in the serial.

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