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By:Poonaam Uppal


So, do you believe in love?” Someone asked me once, and I replied, “ I feel, I am here, in this world, just to teach the world, “Love” , the essence of true love and how to find your twin soul and
create union with your True Love,Twin Soul and Split Half.

—- Poonaam Uppal...

This is a true love story of glamorous, stylish and fiercely ambitious Indian lass Moh Lal Rai who has only one cherished desire, aspiration on her mind to become an internationally acclaimed avant-garde Fashion designer. Destiny deceives Moh’s desires landing her in USA. During her fashion show at Las Vegas she experiences violent vibration followed by a thunderous broadcasting of her future “Soon in 1997 you will meet your true eternal lover” on this earth...
Dragooned by powerful longing to meet her ancient lover she is now a solitary traveler of an abyss of unfathomable space and time where she is sent on a roller coaster ride to a bizarre realm of gonzo occurrences , happenings, visions, premonitions , déjàvus, divine visitation and startling revelation of her past birth and she involuntarily unravels the ancient most secret of the extinct cryptic writings of a new religion shrouded in the misty Himalayan valley.

In a cruel game plan of higher she is compelled,controlled and commanded by a powerful goddess to become a saint a Guru, a Love Messiah and reveal the lost mystical secret to "Enter THE UNKNOWN REALM" of True Lovers,Twin Souls & Split halves before"The End Of The World Begins"
To unravel the mystery read “A Passionaate Gospel of True Love”

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BY:Poonaam Uppal


My photographer, Vagi, who took those beautiful pictures of the
Erotica in Khajuraho for my book had questioned me “Why did you choose to write a book on
Kama Sutra?” I smiled and replied,“I did not choose “Kama Sutra”. Nonetheless, the ancient book of “Kama Sutra” chose me to be the one to unravel the truth
behind these riddled Sutras. He had a bewildered expression on his face, “But there are many books of Kama Sutra and sex already written and sold, was there a need of another? “Yes, perhaps not,but those books have only written about Kama Sutra and sex
postures, however my book will teach my reader about “True Love”.
“A Passionaate Gospel of True Love” is an Esoteric True Love story of divine love. How in this jet age, two modern human beings discovered sacred love and this story is their progress from
human to divine. “A Passionaate Gospel of True Love” will teach human how to make love holy and create “Holy Kama Sutra”. In this Black Age, sex act could become the means to salvation and the ritual of love making alone could reach human to the ultimate state of Nirvana. In this divine ritual, man is a worshiper and woman is his deity. The consummate union between the
worshiper and the goddess creates “Holy Kama Sutra”. Hence,the act of sex is the holiest of all acts.

No religion, temple, mosque or church could give you a glimpse
of divine; why do people have to waste their time in religious
places? Religion divides and True Love unites. In the path of love,true lovers create “Holy Kama Sutra” and live in the ultimate bliss. This book solves the mystery around Kama Sutra and the enigma around the love temples and erotica in the heart of Central India, in a small town called Khajuraho.I have taken total 9 years to complete this “Bible of True Love”,although, inspiration of this book came to me in April 2002.However, I was reluctant to pen down the saga of my
True Love" A PASSIONAATE GOSPEL OF TRUE LOVE"which required great courage to open up my life in front of millions of people. In the year 2003, January 28th, compelled by
Goddess Durga, I formally began writing this book. It was a long
journey and a difficult one too, as I have mentioned in my book that I am not a writer by profession.Before this, I have never written anything, not even a diary;therefore, I have edited this book so many times that I have forgotten the count. The prime reason, why I did not let an editor touch this book was solely to maintain the authenticity required due to the sensitivity of the subject and message of the divine. At two or three instances when I tried hiring an outside editor for the book, I had severe obstacles and at one instance the person
editing the book deleted a lot of important material. Therefore, I followed command of Maa Durga and edited the book myself. I am confident if there are any errors in my book my generous
reader would pardon me for my sincerity towards the command of almighty and my honest effort to bring a divine True Love story without fancy editing.I have lived a life of a complete saint during the writing of my book “A Passionaate Gospel of True Love”. I have followed strict
Himalayan discipline, ate pure vegetarian satvic diet and followed strict celibacy. Leading a chaste life, I finished this book in my home, Samudrika facing the Bay of Bengal, which became my friend in this difficult time. As per God’s command, I have completed editing this book at Orlando, in my Bay Hill home under the shade of Jasmine.



“So, do you believe in love?” someone asked me once, and I replied, “I feel, I am
here, in this world, just to teach the world, love and the ritual of love making”;
the essence of True Love and how to create Holy Kamasutra.
—— Poonaam Uppal
My answer obviously startled the person. However, that is one
simple truth I have discovered in my long painful odyssey
Designer to Divine”. The truth is that, the art of
True Love must be learnt and only True love
evokes the divine. In my 24 years long and obscure odyssey, this is one truth I have understood clearly.Through, this book I have unraveled the hidden secret of KamaSutra
; this knowledge is proper, essential and mandatory for
human of modern Black Age. In my book, page after page, I have
unveiled how I accidentally unlocked the mystery of Kama Sutra and the know-how to make love holy and create Holy Kama Sutra.
Love making must be taught and it must be learnt. Once, this art was taught by Lord Shiva himself. Ancient people of India were well versed with it. However, today it is lost. Sex postures given in Kama Sutra books are too perplexing for people to achieve.

“Tantric Sex” also taught by Lord Shiva is extinct today. It cannot be acquired simply by learning yoga and kriyas. The secret of Kama Sutra was given to Nandi by Lord Shiva himself. Similarly, I was forced into a long penance of Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva to be receiving this boon to unlock the mystery behind Kama Sutra and those postures, I had not intended to learn, but I was compelled into a long arduous worship to achieve this secret, which I will unravel through this book.

The ancient knowledge of Kama Sutra was transpired by the blue throated god, Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Parvati, in their blissful union 10,000 years ago on the snowy peaks of Himalayas.Now these cryptic writings are shrouded in misty Himalayan
valley in the land of wise old Indus? Will the divine couple again descend upon this deteriorated Earth to create a new gospel of love and sex, “A Passionaate Gospel of True Love”? Could that chance event, the great occurrence, will take place again in this Black Age. This knowledge was lost long ago, hidden for ages in the land of Indus, the ancient mystic India.

Here, I would loudly announce, declare; promulgate Kama Sutra as the holiest of scripture, ever written. You may wonder why am I considering Kama Sutra as a holy scripture? However, the sacred,holiest and esoteric knowledge of consummate sex is hidden in
these Kama Sutra postures as they are like math riddles which are needed to be solved. All these postures are a kind of “Sutras of successful sex”, only we need to have the key to unlock them.

These postures are found in the holiest of temples in India.
Especially, in the Central Indian city called Khajuraho where
these temples are nestled. I have given few pictures of Khajuraho
love temples in my book. As my story unfolds, my reader will be able to unravel the mystery of Kama Sutra.
In this last gasp of “Black Age”, human does not need a religion any more but sex act alone could become the means to salvation for the human beings of this withering planet Earth and without any knowledge of ancient yoga sutra
, the ritual of love making could reach human to the ultimate state of
Nirvana “A Passionaate Gospel of True Love” is the greatest book of True Love ever written, if my readers surrender themselves to the wisdom, the truth and the message of Holy Kama Sutra written by me with godly inspiration, they will be able to solve the inner relationship between a man and a woman. Why and how, sex is the most important aspect of a relationship and the easiest path to the divine. And without True Love, it is almost impossible for
human to reach the highest sexual ecstasy.

Why should there be any eyebrow-raising at the meeting of two
pairs of eyes, the penetration of lingam (penis) into
Yoni (vagina) and intertwining of two separate mechanisms (bodies) into embrace? It is time west must emerge above the legend of “Original Sin”, the story of Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit. Sex is not a forbidden fruit. However, Adam and Eve were not evolved enough to understand the meaning, as to why they must not eat the forbidden fruit.

Sex must be waited for, longed for, artfully prepared and lingered for and reached as a pursuit of salvation as sex must come after the stage of True Love has been crossed. Before that, this fruit is forbidden, but not after. When the act of sex involves true lovers,sex becomes the most sacred act; it brings liberation for man and woman into each other. Each word spoken, each sigh uttered,each passionate whisper murmured when the lingam enters the cave, the yoni, it becomes a prayer, an offering to the deity. Male is
the worshiper, lingam is the offering; he makes to his Goddess, to his woman. The whole process of love making is a holy ritual.
The woman is the Fire.
Her womb the fuel.
The invitation to man the smoke.
The door is the flame.
Entering the embrace.
Pleasure the spark.
In this fire, the gods form offering.
From the offering spring forth the child.
——Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

The union of a man and a woman is not only a union of two
bodies, but the union of body, heart and soul. If that union takes
place with a deep desire for obsessive love and if there is desire
for one another with such an extreme fervency, which could
completely possess the mind and the body of a couple in passion,a strong desire for one to become another, then, such a union is not a mere union of two bodies, such a ritual cannot be termed as just sex; but a divine
union it is merging of the cosmos.

The 23 ancient love temples of Khajuraho in Central India with
the beautiful erotica sculpted on its walls are giving world the
message that “A Passionaate Gospel of True Love” can be
created only through happy and fulfilled sex, which is the ultimate human ecstasy. The erotica is the expression of an all absorbing love between a man and a woman.
It all started with my search for True Love, which began not on the snowy beautiful peaks of Himalayas, that I originally belong to, as I call myself daughter of Himalaya. However, my search as planned by Gods for a higher purpose, due to sudden shift in spirituality towards the west had started on the dry land of Las Vegas. As of now, I am not sure when my search for True Love has really begin? In adulthood, the realization or the search of my True Love began in year 1996, on my August trip to the ‘Magic’ fashion show at LasVegas where I was reminded of my search.

Although, I am not aware, but I strongly feel Las Vegas, has
spiritual history. The whole west coast is vibrating with a divine energy and California is the focal point, especiallythe city of Los Angeles, which is truly a land of “The lost angels”; it has blessings of many Gurus.

After this trip, I was fully convinced; there is someone out there,who is my True Love, my other half. Dr. Soorya whom I am presently married to is my husband and I, Moh Lal Rai, his wife,nevertheless, not true lovers. He could be my husband, but not my other half, and undoubtedly, he is not my True Love because True Love happens only once. However, was it easy to break the marriage and divorce him? I knew divorce is the worst menace in our society today. The world is how it is, primarily, because of breaking of the families.

Simple fact, that I was still searching for someone confirmed my belief that Soorya and I were merely together to carry out some unfinished karma of our previous births, so are the other people who are in unhappy, unpleasant and unfortunate marriages.

However, how do people search for their other halves, twin souls
and their split halves? Where was my other half, in which part of this universe? My real search had begun eons ago, when I and my lover got separated from each other, then every birth I searched for him, and he searched for me and now when we are in the end hour of humanity, I have come to unite with him.

Nonetheless,will I unite with him?Do true lovers get united? I asked this question to myself many
times. Aren’t they jinxed? Are not lovers carrying a curse of
separation? Society separates them, be it modern Romeo and
Juliet, Laila-Majnu, or in ancient times, the mighty Lord Ram and his lover Sita. The great God of Gods, Lord Krishna was separated from his beloved Radha; the fate is similar for the true lovers in past thousands of years. Now, when we are at the end of this Kaliyug, “The Black Age”. Earth is flooded with human beings, who are divided into thousands of linguistic, political,religious, racial and gender groupings. “Passion”, the predominant quality of Bronze Age, gives way to tired apathy and ignorance in Kaliyug.

Human is in a state of comatose torpor unable to overcome his
spiritual inertia and awaken itself before the end of this
disintegrated, deteriorated planet Earth. Life at the end of ‘Black Age’ and dawn of the Aquarian Age are malicious, repugnant,profane, and short. At this juncture, when earthlings after their foiled attempt to get peace and love are looking skyward for help from the gods in the heaven above “Will the perfect lover, Lord Krishna descend upon this ever deteriorating Earth to unite with
his lover Radha and rescue few pure divine souls and create
“Holy Kama Sutra"? Will that happen? Why am I searching for
True Love when I know true lovers are cursed to be separated? Even, if True Love is out there, does modern man have time for True Love?

Will people search for True Love how I did? The deeper I decipher this thought, the more compound I find the answer. One thing, I know for sure that we are living in the end of time, the last phase of ‘The Black Age’, when all the true lovers must unite and find the hidden meaning of Kama Sutra. After 24 years of penance, I have finally found the answer to some of my queries which I will reveal through this book.



It is almost 19 years, since, I finished my studies in fashion and textile designing at Sophia College, Bombay. But I have never pursued fashion after my marriage. My husband Soorya, is a doctor by profession. Soon after our marriage in 1990, we moved to a small town Knoxville in the State of Tennessee, USA and then to Kansas city. Both the places were not fashion mecca in any sense. In 1991, my daughter Hreem was born. After that, I got entangled in the different roles of a wife, a mother, and a home maker. In my 6 years of stay in USA, this is the first occasion when I have travelled alone to attend a fashion and trade show in Las Vegas and only after a lot of persuasion, my husband Soorya, who knew my obsession for fashion, gave into my request.

Today is my last day in Las Vegas, and the final day of the fall Magic Show which has become the largest, most comprehensive men's apparel and accessory trade show. I know that I am going to miss Las Vegas and its perpetual heartbeat, which never dies down. The snapping of shuffling cards, clicking of roulette wheel,the clatter of tossed dice, the spinning of a slot machine and a whispered prayer for 21—this is the doxology of Las Vegas. It is a soundtrack that will haunt me until I return to Vegas and its Music.

Excitement on the casino floor was at its peak at this desert oasis.There were many dealers standing at those Black Jack tables, the tall gawky dealer whose name plate read ‘Tim Destin, Florida’,had this look of a crazed loon out of a cage. He invited my friend Goldy and in next few minutes, the whole group was sitting at the table. I would have joined them too, but Black Jack was Latin to me. I moved far away from the table and tried to admire the lavish, Caesars Palace Casino, with its grand roman styling,massive columns and sparkling fountains.

Pacing is everything in this seductive 24-hour city, Las Vegas. The lights are brighter, the colors are bolder and the bets are larger. As a matter of fact, everything is bigger, better, and more extravagant in the Neon city. It is truly, a city of excesses and over indulgence, nonetheless. I was too tired to indulge right now.I wished good night to Goldy and his friends and came out of the casino.

It was late and there were not many people waiting for the
shuttle. However, Neon city stayed alive all through the night.Las Vegas is a strange land with a peculiar vibration, every time, I travelled by shuttle, I felt déjàvu that I have been here, when someone mentioned something, I felt that something similar had been spoken before, in this very spot. There was no way I could have been to Vegas before, as I was visiting this city for the first time, I was absorbed in my thoughts, when I heard someone calling my name loudly, I turned back, but there was no one.

Once again, I heard a voice followed by a loud thunder
“Moh,very soon, in 1997, you will be meeting your true love.”
However,I saw nobody around me. By now, I had grown accustomed to Mother Goddess, Maa Durga talking to me. Yet, this voice was unusual and very loud to be ignored and it had come with a roaring thunder sound. I was wondering of all the places in the world, why did I hear this forecast in the city of Las Vegas?

There were very few people waiting for the shuttle, but I had this strong urge to ask one of them if they heard what I had heard, if not the voice at least the thunder, by this time, the shuttle had already arrived. As I stepped into the shuttle, the voice became more powerful and louder,
“Moh, you will meet your true love in 1997”.

I reached my hotel room in a daze and gulped down
two bottles of cold water. This broadcasting had shaken the life out of me. I kept thinking of the voice, which had subsided by now.Is this the way, broadcasting was done in the ancient times? Who could I share this strange occurrence with? I knew people might think I had gone absolutely, totally, mentally deranged and berserk, I talked to myself “Oh my God. What’s happening to me, what have I done wrong except worshiping you and following a righteous path? Then why is this happening to me?” “But, the truth is that I am searching for a man, who wholeheartedly and completely loves me, I too only love and belong to him and we live happily ever after?” I argued with myself, “Yes, I do, but what
was that queer loud voice? I mean this loud broadcasting which prognosticated my future that soon I will meet my
True Love
, Ha!!

How am I hearing such things, this really is abnormal, besides what does that mean, as I am already married? But probably, True Love is what I had been searching for eternity, but how do I meet him? Where could he be? When do we meet?” Perhaps, this could be as accurate as many of my previous premonitions and voices which had occurred first at my hometown, Jabalpur, in Central India and later, at the city of Madras in Southern India. Now, these loud voices, premonitions, forecastings and predictions prophesizing my future have become a part and parcel of my life. However, logical I try to be, in the end my premonitions come true, at least all the last ones, I had were hundred percent precise. How could I deny and ignore this forecasting, when my previous premonition which I had at Madras, prior to my marriage was entirely accurate?

That is how;today I am in a destiny marriage with my husband, Dr. Soorya Venkatraman.
It was an instinctive knowledge — species of strange intuitions and voices which I had inherited in 1983. My whole life had metamorphosed, when from the lush hills of Himachal; a small
carved wooden statue arrived at my doorstep in my home town Jabalpur, as a gift from an old friend. There was nothing distinctive about it, just a plain hand carved statue of Maa Durga.This was when unconsciously my association began with the intuitions and instinctive knowing, loud voices and strong premonitions. Like flashes of lightning, I heard the echo of my previous powerful voices at Madras prior to my marriage.

Memories began to play across the surface of my mind like an old
movie on the screen and I was back in my childhood home —
Wonderland 651, Napier Town... (To know more read “A
Passionaate Gospel of True Love” it is “A Bible of True Love”
A message from beyond...)

What is True Love? What is Holy Kama Sutra? Did Moh really find her True Love in this material age and could she create Holy Kama Sutra?

Which part of the universe her True Love, split half her twin
soul could be and how would she search for him in this whole wide world?

Does everyone have their split halves in some part of this universe and how do people unite with their split halves?

What are those cryptic writings shrouded in misty Himalayan valley in the land of wise old Indus? Is “A Passionaate Gospel of True Love” A Message From Beyond?

Do you want to enter the unexplored realm of true lovers, split halves and twin souls? then commence your journey on a roller coaster romantic ride into a bizarre sphere of gonzo occurrences,happenings, déjàvus, divine visitations and startling revelation of the mysterious world of true lovers, twin souls and split halves and their magnetic pull to unite with one another?

To find your True Love, to know the hidden secret of Holy
KamaSutra and a message from beyond, to enter the hidden pathway to the ancient world read “A Passionaate Gospel of True Love” An esoteric compelling and eventful True Love story “A Bible of True Love” ever written.

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