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PDF In this first volume of Jon-Henri Damski's portrait of the emerging community north of Belmont and East of Wrigley field, the struggles of everyday lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgedered people come back to life, spirits whose tricks, triumphs and tragedies continue to enliven Chicago's official lesbian and gay village. "New Town" was never a real place, Damski tells us in his introduction, but it certainly had it's share of real characters: From hustlers to drag queens, the politically involved to the apolitical, bartenders to dancing queens, to those never wanting a relationship to those struggling with relationship, asexuals to bath-house regulars, to those closeted by orientation or AIDS and others marching in the annual Pride Parade. Damski delivers extraordinary insights about what it means to be a member of a minority community in America with a very human face.This is a digital facsimile of the limited-edition 1997 release.

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