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Redemption, Arkansas exists outside of time and space and the crossroads of folklore and fantasy - a town so full of magical and mythical beings that the least likely thing a townsperson would be is . . . a person.

Junior Walker, Redemption & Me: The devil hunkers in the swamp outside Redemption, taunting and tormenting the residents of the mythical town, but man-mountain Junior Walker aims to beat the devil at his own game.

Witchblood Blues: An ancient evil carries a blizzard with him from the arctic, intent on creating a new Ice Age, only three people stand between him and success: the mysterious Mr. Amen, Madame Goodnight, and a little witchgirl . . .

The Storm: Multi-Dimensional wayfarers, Storyweaver Solly Mont and the irreverent Jack O'Green, Trickster Lord of the Faerie Court, have been lured to Redemption for a showdown with the first murderer himself, Cain Bloodspiller, and the mercenary Jacque Blaque, the gunslinging avatar of Death, but Cain ever has more than one plan . . .

Cold Night at Bludgate: Storyweaver Solly Mont and Trickster Jack O'Green play a pivotal role in sending Jimmy Stumps to Redemption's infamous Bludgate prison where he learns his life sentence could be far longer than his life.

Redemption's Lament: Living legend Junior Walker is facing execution in Redemption's main square, and the only man who can save him is the very man who arranged his unjust fate.

*Redemption's Lament contains the electronic equivalent of a ten print page sample of Carlyle Clark & Suki Michelle's Mystery Thriller: The Black Song Inside

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