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PDF I’ve so enjoyed being a part of this amazing first year at Atticus Review: as a new weekly online magazine, the quality turned out every week (!) by the authors chosen by editor Katrina Gray was astounding. Each issue included a detailed editorial by Ms Gray written like the best non-fiction piece. No wonder, because Atticus Books, the mother ship of the Review, with Dan Cafaro at the helm, is one of the finest small presses around.

I am very pleased to have been included in this anthology with "The Last Story", featured as (surprise!) the last story of the lot. This story is one of my favorite of the "serious writer" series, which has occupied me in 2009-2011 while finding my own writer's voice...and there may not be an end to the "serious writer" stories yet, even after "the last story". We've all seen James Bond: never say never. Enjoy the book!

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