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PDF I have been writing contemporary women's fiction for several decades. It's one of the things I love to do. Yes, I've won a few prizes, grants and awards, and treasure the good reviews. But the real joy is conceiving, writing and finishing a new book. My recent anthology, A QUINTESSENTIAL LOVE AFFAIR, is actually a sampler of 20 years' work I've done since migrating from New Zealand to Australia. It is a memoir and a collection of short stories that trace important experiences in my life. No, not as an autobiography. But the characters in my work seem familiar to me. The music teacher, the nurse, the wife and mother, the painter and the writer are alter egos, telling my stories. I sometimes write about migrants or people working in foreign cultures, and the conflicts that brings. I like a happy ending, and I must admit my family of dogs was pressing me to give them a home in a book soon. So Ihave embarked on writing romantic fiction. Romance with dogs might sound a strange genre, but my first book, SEVEN LITTLE WORDS,is attracting 5 star reviews.The second romance, VALENTINE MASQUERADE, will be out for Valentine's Day. Yes, more dogs, and as well it is a contemporary romance with children. I'm really enjoying branching into a new genre as well as meeting other romance writers.We share the ups and downs of the creative process and build warm bonds.

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